Light in weight,
heavy in performance

The Arctic-Guard bulkhead combines the benefits of a traditional GRP and a ‘mattress’ style partition in one.

Incorporating ultra-lightweight substrates and closed-cell technology with the latest machinery processing ensures the Arctic-Guard bulkhead is heavy on performance, whilst being light in weight.

2-Piece Travel Independently Main

Build your own

Our easy-to-use bulkhead configurator enables you to design your own bulkhead. Whether it’s for the smallest of vans or the largest of trailers.

Our team of highly skilled technicians have the expertise to produce a bespoke bulkhead to your exact specification and dimensions.

1-Piece with Door Main.FRONT.REV2

 Key Benefits

  •   75mm Overall thickness
  •   Closed-cell lightweight core
  •   High impact resistance
  •   Significant weight saving on track mounted systems
  •   Extremely lightweight and robust design
  •   Labour saving on install
  •   Reinforced vinyl skin
  •   Flush mounted bolts used in all applications
  •   Heat sealed vinyl perimeter
  •   PE Skidguard on the base – alleviates low level damage
  •   U-Value = 0.44 W/m2 – ATP report available upon request
  •   Can be supplied in a multitude of configurations
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Spare Parts

All components used on an ARCTIC-GUARD bulkhead are available to purchase. Take a look at our most popular spare parts and get a quote today. If you cannot see the part you’re looking to source, please contact us.