Why Arctic-Guard?

What’s the difference between the Arctic-Guard bulkhead and a ‘mattress’ bulkhead?

The Arctic-Guard core is manufactured from closed-cell substrates, therefore they do not absorb moisture. A traditional ‘mattress’ bulkhead is produced using open cell materials, which can therefore absorb moisture, allowing bacteria to form whilst gaining weight through the life of the product.

Why is your track system made from aluminium and not steel?

Why not?! The aluminium profiles offer all the benefits of the steel equivalent, whilst being a fraction of the weight.

What’s the difference between an Arctic-Guard bulkhead and a GRP bulkhead?

The Arctic-Guard bulkhead has a robust outer layer, similar to a GRP bulkhead. The main difference is the weight, the Arctic-Guard core typically weighs around 25% of the GRP equivalent.

How do you ensure the bulkhead seals against the sidewalls and ceiling?

To ensure a prefect seal, we produce our bulkheads 10mm taller and 10mm wider than the internal vehicle dimensions. The outer edges consist of a foam wrapped in vinyl, these compress against the walls and ceiling, providing an airtight seal.

Features & Installation

Can I control the fan in the bulkhead from the cab?

Yes. Our digital fan kit is supplied with a digital controller and sensor. The digital controller can be mounted in the cab, allowing control of the rear compartment.

Can you install bulkheads?

Unfortunately not. If you require a fitting service, please contact us and we can put you in touch with your nearest approved installer.

How do I fit the tracks, pulley systems, etc.?

Fitting instructions can be found here.

Orders and Returns

How long will it take for me to receive my bulkhead?

Our lead time is typically 2-3 weeks from receipt of the order. However, we may be able to reduce this. If you require a quicker turnaround, please ask.

Can I collect my order?

Yes. All orders can be collected. Please state this when ordering.

What if I want a bulkhead that’s not on your configurator, can you still produce it?

Probably. We have listed the most popular designs on the configurator, but there are still more designs we can produce. If you can’t see a design that works for your requirements, please get in touch.

Submitting Vehicle Dimensions

What measurements do you require to build my bulkhead?

To ensure a good fit it’s imperative the dimensions you submit are accurate. Please click on the relevant form below, fill in the required information and submit. We will then do the rest…