Why Choose

Key Benefits

•    75mm Overall thickness
•    Closed-cell lightweight core
•    High impact resistance
•    Significant weight saving on track mounted systems
•    Extremely lightweight and robust design
•    Labour saving on install

•    Reinforced vinyl skin
•    Flush mounted bolts used in all applications
•    Heat sealed vinyl perimeter
•    PE Skidguard on the base – alleviates impact damage
•    U-Value = 0.44 W/m2 – ATP report available upon request
•    Can be supplied in a multitude of configurations

Aluminium Track & Roller System

Designed to offer the end-user optimum weight saving. Using aluminium profiles ensures the aesthetics are enhanced whilst offering strength and significant weight savings, compared to galvanized versions.


• Increased payload, MPG or BHP
• Reduction in CO2 emissions
• Rust-free guarantee
• Significantly reduced install time

Rotation Bar

Fitted as standard on all track mounted bulkheads.
The aluminium profile replaces the galvanized steel tube and hanging brackets.
Offering a one-piece solution with hidden fixings, ensuring the look and feel of a premium product, at an affordable price.

Aluminium Rollers

Aluminium roller housing with nylon wheels offer a rust-free product with weight saving advantages over the industry standard steel versions. They also benefit from nylon bushes, ensuring the bar rotates smoothly within the aluminium rotation bar.

Easy-Lift Lifting & Storing Device

The ‘Easy-Lift’ mechanism is fitted as standard on all track mounted systems, which allows the bulkhead to be effortlessly lifted and stored. The integrated ‘AG-Cleat’ grips the rope when being lifted, to avoid the bulkhead slipping and then self-locks when in the desired position, holding the unit firmly against the roof. All ‘CG-Cleats’ have been fully tested to a breaking strength of 230kgs, so you can be confident in the fact that once the bulkhead is stored, it will remain stored!

PE Skidguard

All bulkheads are fitted, as standard, with a heavy-duty PE skid-guard. This prevents damage to the bottom of the unit when being operated and scuffed along the vehicle floor. It also prevents lower damage from trolleys, cages, pallets etc., this offers a great barrier against costly repairs and down-time.

Fan Kits

VF-Tech & TF-Tech Thermostatic fan kits can be supplied where dual temperature control is required.

2 Options are available:

  • Analogue – recommended for retrofit applications where wiring for the probe sensor & controller may not be possible
  • Digital – recommended for new build applications where wiring for the probe sensor & controller can be incorporated into the build. The digital controller allows the operator full control of the rear compartment from the cab, whilst giving a more accurate reading